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MedRet Healthcare is an expert group that specialises in three areas.

  1. MedRet Recruitment team supports all its applicants from their planning to apply for a job within the NHS till finding a well suited post where they are supported as well in their career development through our clinical teams network.                                                                          
  2.  MedRet Education team delivers  bespoke works shops, courses, training sessions face to face & virtually via live streaming.Our team is committed towards delivering high standard educational resources globally which assist in successful results in higher medical assessments and improving clinical competencies. Our Health Talks at workplace for employees is an excellent resource for Corporate HR departments to add to their health & wellbeing repertoire.                   
  3.  MedRet Consultancy  facilitates collaborations between international healthcare organisations and other stakeholders in facilitating digital, clinical and medical education transformation. Our MD Dr. Naila Siddiqui Kamal is an International speaker on digital health, urban and rural digital health ecosystems and tele- and mobile health systems. Please see MedRet Collaboration in developing the Covidchk BOT in mitigating the recent Covid-19 pandemic. MedRet has collaboration MOU with some highly reputed organisations in developing digital healthcare solutions in bringing futuristic healthcare to the present.

MedRet Global represents all the activities that our team delivers via its recruitment, education and consultancy arms. These include global recruitment assistance to international graduates seeking to work in the NHS UK, online medical educational resources available for medical students and clinicians globally, facilitation of collaboration MOUs between international healthcare organisations and UK centers of excellence for training and education.

MedRet Healthcare has the expertise and the tools to provide value based service to meet individual and organisational goals.

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