MedRet Global Services

MedRet is a recruitment, education and training hub comprising of UK based clinical experts with 30 years of NHS experience and affiliation with Imperial College London and Royal Colleges.

Our team is committed towards delivering high standard educational resources GLOBALLY which assist in successful results in higher medical assessments and improving clinical competencies.

MedRet Online has a referral MOU in place with a hosting platform for online modules developed by Health Education England and endorsed by the Royal Colleges in UK.          

We invite sponsors (such as overseas healthcare educational bodies and pharmaceutical companies who wish to promote CME for their clinical target audience ) to contact us for availability of these e-modules in their region on reduced tariffs.

MedRet Education team delivers bespoke works shops, courses, training sessions face to face & virtually via live streaming on specialised topics in various specialties.

Induction to the NHS- (For working in the UK NHS )
Specialty specific clinical competencies                                                                    Communication skills for safe clinical practice

Setting up a quality project, understanding medical ethics etc.                                          Medical Informatics (Disruptive technologies in healthcare)-Clinician engagement)

Consultancy division can facilitate collaborations between international healthcare organisations and centers of excellence within UK healthcare sector such as NHS organisations , nursing colleges etc.


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