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Realising the place of virtual healthcare delivery models and the importance of communication skills in remote consultations, we have put together a master class in upskilling oneself in virtual consultation communications.

An expert panel of a hands on clinical multidisciplinary team discussed the expectations and the techniques that work best in different situations.

Our first webinar is in womens cancers.

Post Webinar:

Excellent feedback received.

How to Successfully Converge Components of Remote Care

Presented with HP

Healthcare Providers (HCPs) are rapidly undergoing a digital transformation when it comes to the continuum of care for ongoing consultations, monitoring in place, and treatment. For HCPs interested in embracing remote care options (telehealth and/or remote patient monitoring), understanding the critical components involved for providers and patients in getting started are the keys to success. Dr. Seth Martin, Director of the Advanced Lipid Disorders Program, Associate Professor of Medicine, and Cardiologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Dr. Naila Siddiqui Kamal, Associate Director of Medical Education at London North West University Healthcare, Senior Lecturer at Imperial College School of Medicine, and Gynaecologist within NHS, London shared their digital health implementation experiences including challenges to be mindful of and pitfalls to watch out for when it comes to the adoption and blending of remote care technologies.



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